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The o35’s episode 7 - How many achievements Chinny!?

Well it's 7 episodes long, we have been away for a while, the rest home let us out on a short holiday but now the men in white coats have dragged us back.

The magnificent 7th show, and as usual a few grumpy old men chew the fat over the latest xbox 360 news.

This weeks miserable old gits are The Daddy, Mark, Diablo and last but not least Chinny.

All the usual banter and a chance to win an official Rock Band Guitar.

Download the show to find out more!

The o35’s episode 6 - 2nd E3 special.

The o35's return for a special show to discuss some the highlights and top stories of this years E3.

Hosts in this 2nd E3 special are The Daddy, Dayna, Mark, Diablo and a noob host who goes by the name of Conjox, strange..

Download this episode to find out what we think of some the top stories and maybe what was missing from E3.

All the usual inane banter with added noodles!

The o35’s episode 5 - E3 opening special.

Not wanting to miss out on the constant stream of breaking stories coming from E3 the o35's jump on the bandwagon and discuss a few of the hot topics concerning the XBOX 360.

Mark, The Daddy and Diablo get excited over 3 of what we think are the best announcements so far....

We discuss the proposed changes to the dashboard, Final Fantasy XXIII coming to the 360 and the amazing looking Resident Evil 5.

With a smattering of the usual banter it's just another cast to clutter your collection with.

Be sure to jump on the forums at and comment on the discussions and maybe point out your favourite E3 news stories.

The o35’s episode 4 - My game is better than your game

The o35's return yet again for more xbox 360 related unreal chuff and gubbins.

This weeks hosts are Diablo, Dayna, The Daddy and Chinny.

We spend most of this show having words over which game is best.

Unreal Tournament 3 or Call of Duty 4?

It seems there is a rift and Diablo and Chinny are seemingly being set up trying to defend the mighty CoD4.

DavidTheAlien is this weeks community caller.

RawMessiah gives us his usual in depth game review... but will he go off topic again?

Check out the new "targeted advertising" on the show....

All this and more!

Don't forget to check out the website, have your say on what we discuss @

The o35’s episode 3 - Strap on or strap off?

This weeks show hosts and games we are playing:

Diablo - Lego Indiana Jones

Mark - same as last time...

The Daddy - Battlefield, Indiana Jones Lego

Chinny - Mass Effect Expansion Pack.

Discussion Points And News Stories:

Graphics Vs Gameplay

Sony Trophy Announcement

Leaked GOW Multipayer Video

Sony Fanboys Will Believe Anything

Rockband 2 Announcment and details

Metal Gear Solid 4-More Movie Than Game ?

Raws Reviews, Rawmess1ah gives us the low down on Battlefield Bad Company

This weeks guest member Thor TD gives us his review of Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Game you might have missed review, this week Chinny gets all excited over N Plus.

All the usual inane banter.