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The o35’s episode 12 - Chinny has finally got a smile on his face.

Welcome back to the o35's podcast episode 12, and as usual you will probably make no sense of it at all.

This weeks retirement home escapees are The Daddy, Dayna, Chinny and GibGezr

More of the usual inane xbox 360 banter with a touch of insanity, prozac and bed pans. I did here that Diablo had a problem with his motorised wheelchair and the night nurse (Gladys) wouldn't drag him to the broom cupboard.

After much deliberation we decided to let Rawmessiah back to do his review, will he keep it clean?

News, reviews. All this and much more.

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The o35’s episode 11 - Eyup them black puddins are reet grand n all.

Well the o35's have slipped the night nurse a shot of night nurse and they have escaped their secure rooms and broke into the converted broom cupboard to bring you another dose of old farts and xbox 360 gaming chat.

Join this weeks hosts, The Daddy, Chinny, David and Diablo as they grumble their way through another show.

Rawmessiah returns this week, just what is on his mind though?

We discuss some relevant 360 news and reviews and generally ramble on aimlessly about nothing in particular.

Sadly missing in action this week was Dayna (Man flu) And Mark (shitty South African DSL) but I am sure they will return to the fold as soon as possible.

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The o35’s episode 10 - Thou shall unlocketh achievements.

Strap in for another roller coaster ride podcast from the o35's, and what a show this week!

After battling with the elements we managed to get started in the end, oh why does it always rain come podcast day?

This week we have a mini-bus full of old farts all giving their own unique views on the world of xbox 360 gaming.

This weeks tightly packed in hosts are:

DavidTheAlien, Mark, The Daddy, Chinny, GibGezr and Diablo.

Join this group of gaming gurus as they discuss some of the latest xbox 360 news.

All of this and much more, er... except for Raws Reviews, he couldn't make it this week as his underpants were full of marmalade.

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Also don't forget to check out our new midweek podcast - The o35's Pubcast. A short xbox 360 cast from a pub somewhere.

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Enjoy :)

The o35’s episode 9 - Warning, this podcast may damage your chin.

It the week of the Beijing Olympics and the o35's celebrate with yet another podcast that has absolutely nothing to do with it whatsoever.

This weeks hosts are: The "update" Daddy , Chinny "The achievement" 1985, The one and only Mark and some guy called Diablo.

More of the usual no nonsense xbox 360 news and reviews with a smattering of chuff to boot.

Raw returns with another spot on review and we take a guest caller from the o35's, JayDotBee graces us with his presence.

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*Disclaimer* Accidents whilst listening to this podcast in conjunction with using complicated exercising equipment are the listeners own liability, just remember to tell us what happened on the site!

The o35’s episode 8 - Love it hate it, even on your nipples!

The o35's have done it again, more banter and nonsense as usual.

This week hosts are The Daddy, Diablo, Chinny and ConJox.

We discuss some of the latest 360 news and reviews and finalise some topics from the recent E3 event.

Raw gives us a review as usual and Diablo and Chinny live review Facebreaker, a boxing game that allows you to er... break a face or 3. Download the show and be sure to sign up at the website for more of the same at