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The o35’s xbox 360 podcast episode 16 - What’s his name Chinny?

Episode 16 appears on the horizon like an old familiar friend.

Join the old farts again as we ramble on aimlessly about all things video gaming, download this weeks show for all your non biased gaming related news and reviews. All of the usual nonsense and much more.

If you like the podcast be sure to download the o35's xbox pubcast and check out our website at

The o35’s episode 15 - We may give you nightmares

Welcome back faithful listeners and a hearty hello to all new listeners.

Episode 15 grunts and crawls its way to the airwaves and lands in your subscribed box like a blind one legged bird.

Join the usual bunch of aged gaming gurus, elderly captains of the console and xbox egg heads as we chunder on about nothing in particular. We discuss some of the latest xbox 360 news and The Daddy once again sneaks some PS3 chat in, we really must control him more!

Rawmessiah drops by to er... well you listen yourself, it's way too freaky for here.

Also this Week Murphys Law joins us, we were going to fight him but as you know if you fight the law, the law wins.

All this and much more, if you enjoy the show be sure to join our community of elderly gamers at and don't forget to download the midweek o35's Pubcast available from iTunes etc and direct from our website.


The o35’s xbox 360 podcast episode 14 - The o35s really are animal lovers.

Welcome to episode 14 of the o35's community podcast, join us as we discuss, no, maybe argue some facts about the beloved xbox 360 and all that sails in her.

This weeks lambs to the slaughter are Dayna, Mark, Diablo, Chinny and some bloke from up North.

All of the usual debate, discussion and inane banter.

Rawmessiah returns for yet another review, just how long can this guy go for?

Also this week we are joined but BigSmooth8 from the Couch Mercenaries podcast, yes we are a kind bunch!

All this and much more, or less.. who knows for sure......

Enjoy the podcast? Then carry on the banter at - Gaming for the elderly.

The o35’s episode 13 - A mouthful of Curly Wurly

Welcome back to the o35's podcast, episode 13. 13 is unlucky for some, maybe the poor listeners!

Join Diablo, Chinny, Steve, The Daddy and an old friend OG Gunnz as they discuss some xbox 360 related nonsense.

Steve gives us the inside low down on a new game he was invited to play test on, what is it I hear you ask, download the show to listen I say.

Rawmessiah attempts to review a game, maybe he will stay on topic this week.

All this and much more, if you like the podcast be sure to join in on the forums at

See you there!