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The o35’s episode 20 - It’s not what you think….

Welcome to episode 20 of the o35's gaming podcast, your friendly unbiased gaming podcast from the old farts at The o35's.

Join us this week for a full house of hosts, all vying to get the two cents worth in.

All of the usual console game chat and banter with a smattering of nonsense.

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Enjoy! :)

The o35’s episode 19 - CoD WaW? What’s all that about then?

Hello hello hello, it's show 19!

Welcome to this weeks o35's podcast and what a belter we got for you this week.

Join the usual gang as they discuss the latest XBOX 360, PS3 and Wii news.

In the house this week we have Dayna, Mark, Diablo and Chinny, all rounded up and kept in check by The Daddy.

We also welcome a new member to the o35's podcast team, the delectable Mosher Angel.

All of the old familiar banter including the strange but mesmerising Raws Review.

Download the show now, and don't forget to check out the o35's Pubcast and visit our website at

Enjoy! :)

The o35’s xbox 360 podcast episode 18 - Hmmm… What happened at the end?

Welcome to episode 18 of the o35's podcast. This weeks show is a big one! Join this weeks hosts, The Daddy, Cognitio, Mark and Chinny as they discuss the forthcoming top releases on the xbox 360.

Rawmessiah pops by to give us some more in depth analysis

All this plus a little something extra, download the show to find out more!

Don't forget to check out the o35's Pubcast headed up by the mighty Chinny and be sure to register at our site.

Enjoy! :)

The o35’s xbox 360 podcast episode 17 - Calm Down Calm Down, He’s a Jedi!

Another week another podcast, the o35's return for more shenanigans with the usual crew.

This weeks sees us chunder on about the fantastic line up of games due out this Autumn, buy sell or rent? Only by downloading and listening to the show will you be furnished with these pearls of wisdom.

Well I could go on here but what's the point, stop reading this and download the bloody podcast already!

Don't forget to check out the infamous o35s pubcast as well, god knows we love the reviews!

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