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The o35’s episode 24 - Brrraaaaiiiins !

Join The Daddy, with Dayna, Chinny and Diablo, as they chew over another week of games.

Raw is up to something really wrong, but enough of that.

Listen in to find out what other stuff we find to talk about.

The o35’s episode 23 - The Show That Never Was…..

Join the o35s for another show, well 2 of them anyway....

Due to broken computer stuff there's only Chinny and The Daddy to chew over recent games and news.

But they are joined by a Godlike Guest, Mmm I wonder who that could be ?

I guess you'll have to listen to find out...

Enjoy the show

The o35’s episode 22 - I Shot The Sheriff….Well That’s That Then.

Welcome to episode 22 of the mighty o35’s podcast, join us again as we trawl through what’s new in the gaming world.

This weeks bunch of forgetful oldies include The Daddy, Chinny and this week Steve O. Hear what we think about this weeks demo’s and er other stuff……

Also learn how to break your PS3, sorry I mean upgrade it and Rawmessiah is here again and takes the word game completely the wrong way. Anyway just listen to the ramblings of us old geriatrics…and enjoy

The o35’s episode 21 - The orbs! The orbs! Beware the orbs!

Welcome to epsiode 21 of the mighty o35's podcast, join us again this week as we chew the video gaming fat once again.

This weeks bunch of misfits incluse Diablo, Chinny and everyones favourite daddy, The Daddy. We also let couch mercs very own GothicMike in through an open window, hear him struggle understanding our strange dialect. LOLZROFLCOPTER etc...

This week Fable 2 seems to be a podcast favourite, get in and learn just how we are playing it. Rawmessiah pops by to er.... anyway enough of that. All of your gaming review needs, goodness and more squashed into another lengthy and pointless podcast.

Don't forget to also check out the o35's Pubcast from the mighty Chinny and check out the website at

Enjoy! :)