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The o35’s episode 28 - The Show For The Homeless At Christmas……

The o35's down the sherry and eggnog and make their way to the broom cupboard to record another show.

Due to the alcohol they sound a bit drunk, but it is Christmas after all.

And Raws up to his usual tricks again !

So tune in for some festive nonsense and frivolity.


The o35’s episode 27 - Is It Really A Home Away From Home ?

After having their wee bags emptied, the o35's settle into their comfy chairs for another show.

Joining The Daddy this week are Chinny, Diablo and Steve O (Is he mad !!!!)

They discuss PlayStation Home amongst other things, and Raw is making something that he really shouldn't.

Tune in and enjoy.

The o35’s episode 26 - Mmm Raw Gets a Buzz from Buzz…

The o35's shuffle into their disabled parking space at the recording studio to talk games once again, Dayna can't be with us this week due to an accident which the nurses had to clean up.

Anyway Murphy's Law joins The Daddy, Chinny and Diablo to chat for an hour or so and the Daddy is unhappy with an upcoming title, I wonder what that could be ?

Listen to the show for all the above and other stuff....


The o35’s episode 25 - Chinny Gets Lost……

Well another week creaks in, a bit like the o35s joints.

They have escaped from their secure wards to record yet another show, join The Daddy, Chinny and Diablo as they try to remember what they are talking about (I guess its the medication).

Raw pops by and gets completely the wrong impression of the game lips.

All that and much more on the o35s podcast.

And don't forget to download the Pubcast.