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The o35’s episode 33 - This Show Is Tight…..

Well another week and another show.

The Daddy is joined by Diablo and Chinny as always, but after Reggies stunning review last week, he drops by to say hello.

They chew over the new demos, and talk about a game from the past, and Raws replacement Reggie is replaced again, which is confusing for the old folks bless em.

Tune in for all the above and more enjoy !

The o35’s episode 32 - Whats Happening, Is It 2009 ? Pt 2……….

Join the o35s for another week of speculation as to what might be good in 2009.

Also for some reason they discuss funiture, and Raw is out of action so they've drafted in a replacement to fill in, lets hope they are better.

As always enjoy.

The o35’s episode 31 - Whats Happening, Is It 2009 ? Pt 1……….

Well its 2009 and the o35s argue in their usual grumpy way, what everyone should play in 2009, and Raw drops by to give his opinion, heeeeellllp us.

Everyone thought 2008 was the best year in gaming, is 2009 going to beat it ?

Tune in for all the above and more.


The o35’s episode 30 - Hey Presto And The Gamertag Has Completely Disappeared

Join the oldies as they give their grumpy opinions on the games of 2008, and grumpy they are, Diablo forgot his hearing aid, The Daddy didn't take his medication and something strange has happened to Chinny.

Download to listen to their somewhat confused opinions.


The o35’s episode 29 - The Best Of The Sketches

This week, The Daddy and Chinny thought they would relive the best of the sketches and discuss how they came about, and ask questions like 'What is a black pudding' ?

That's it really, but next week will be the End Of Year Extravaganza Show, so don't miss it.

Enjoy !

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