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The o35’s episode 37 - This Podcast Might Be A Bit Rude………..

Welcome to episode 37.

This week the o35's discuss what makes a good ending to a game, the mysteries surrounding Alan Wake, and somthing a bit rude.

Powder Monkey is back again to give us the low down on, well you'll have to tune in and find out.

All the above and more.


The o35’s episode 36 - Alma Makes Us Scared…….

This week Diablo has escaped from his facility to join us for anther week of aimless chatter (it must be the medication).

This week the o35's talk about FEAR 2, a hardcore game called flower and genitals, not sure what that is about.

Powder Monkey drops by again, maybe we'll be able to tell what he says this week.

Tune in for all the above and more, enjoy.

The o35’s episode 35 - Just The Two Of Us…….

Unfortunately the nursing staff gave Diablo double the dose of tranquilizers because he was a naughty boy, so its just The Daddy and Chinny this week.

They talk about Halo Wars and Killzone 2 and do a special feature on community games.

Powder Monkey drops by and rambles again, HELP US PLEASE !!!!!


The o35’s episode 34 - Yee Hah! Kemosabi…….

Welcome back to show 34, its the usual old folk talking over whats happening in the gaming world.

This week we look at new ip's for the coming year and Chinny has some strange ideas about cowboys ?!

Powder Monkey joins us again, will he ever stop talking ?

As always enjoy.