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The o35’s episode 50 - The Live Show, Nearly…………

First of all apologies to everyone who tried to tune in on Wednesday, unfortunately we had some technical issues (must be our age).

Moving forward we will be having live shows once a month (without the issues).

Anyway on the show we discussed Wallace And Grommit, 25 mistakes gamers make, and had lots of callers from the forums to celebrate 50 shows, which was as fun for this one as all the rest.

Thanks to all the listeners for all the support for the last 50 and the next 50 to come.


The o35’s episode 49 - Diablo And Chinny Get Into A Punchup……..

This week Chinny and Diablo get stuck into Fightnight Round 4, we talk about whether we think Apple will release a gaming console, and thanks to Murphy’s email try and decide in which direction the hype machine will turn this year.

The Daddy also talks about a couple of ipod Touch games he’s been playing/addicted to.

All the above and more.


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Important Announcement, The o35s Are Going Live………

That's right folks, the o35s are going live, from next week to celebrate our 50th show, we will be coming to you unedited, uncut and un...whatever.

Listen in for details or go to to find out more.

It's gonna be good.

The o35’s episode 48 - Modern Barbeque Warfare Burger 2……….

Welcome to the show, and this week we discuss the Modern Warfare 2 Demo, what does it all mean?

The Duke is talking in tongues again, Chinny is fiddling something, and Diablo and The Daddy try to bring a semblance of normality to the proceedings.

We also discuss Playstation exclusivity for Ghostbusters and finish off by trying to decide which games have stood the test of time.

Enjoy !

The o35’s episode 47 - The Duke Says, Välkommen Till Showen………

Welcome to the show, and as you can tell from the title, The Duke has been learning a new langauge, he's not very good at it though.

Anyway this week the team discusses Banjo Tooie for the arcade, Pain on PSN, and decide if the Bionic Commando demo is any good.

They finish the show with a run down of older titles that can be picked up on the cheap.


The o35’s episode 46 - Chinny Comes To The Darkside………

Well we've hit the grand old age of 46, and its nothing to be ashamed of, we're hitting our prime.

This week we discuss Drakes Fortune 2, an achievement surprise, and games that might not get enough attention.

And stay tuned after the show for an extra titbit.

Please send any emails

As always enjoy.