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The o35’s Episode 59 - Live Show 3, It’s A Whopper…….

Well, welcome to the third live show (or not if your listening to this after downloading it), it was another good one with participation from the community.

We were joined by Powder Monkey, Rickster, X-Hunter and Quanrian, who gave their opinions on all things gaming.

Hope you enjoy it.

If you have any comments send them to -

The o35’s Episode 58 - It Is, But It Isn’t………..

Sit back, get your pipe and slippers, and join the old gits for yet another show.

This week we talk about the controversy surrounding Call Of Duty-Modern Warfare 2, The Secret Of Monkey Island, The Duke finally finishes Bioshock, and we ask the question, if the Xbox 360 and PS3 released at the same time, would the console war have played out the same?


The o35’s Episode 57 - Battlefield 1943 Menu’s Are Cool……….

Well another week, another show.

This week we discuss the good points of Battlefield 1943 ( there were some you know), 1 v 100, how gaming has changed for us, and finish off with video game's best villains.

There's also the usual banter and good old fashioned fun.

Hope you enjoy the show.

The o35’s Episode 56 - The Mid Year Roundup………

Join the team this week as they discuss, Call Of Jaurez-Bound In Blood, Worms 2 and after the fallout of E3, we look at what we have left to look forward to, for the rest of the year, and what's been relegated to 2010.

The Duke also needs to get some stuff of his chest in a ranty sort of way.

All the above and then some.


The o35’s Episode 55 - Summers Here, It’s Time To Diet……..

Join the team this week, as they work their way through more topics than you can shake a stick at !

We cover Mass Effect 2, Battlefield 1943 and having played through COD2 again, decide if it measures up three years on.

All the above and more.