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The o35’s Episode 67 - Video Games….In A Shoe Shop?

Well welcome to show 67 of the o35s, this week we discuss the Uncharted 2 Beta (well actually The Daddy gushes about it-oh dear), and Chinny plays a game with Halo in the title (it's not what you think).

We also uncover the perks of Modern Warfare 2, Quanrian gives us another indie pick and The Duke is up to his usual mischief.


The o35’s Episode 66 - Skype…..It Nearly Didn’t Happen

Welcome to show 66, this week we discuss Crackdown 2 details, some very strange words, and to keep Duke happy we finally do what we've been playing.

Quanrian is back with another Indie Pick, and The Duke gets cranky again.


The o35’s Episode 65 - Chinny aka The Dragon Of Death……….

Well we've reached retirement age, but we aren't going to, so you might have to put up with us for another 65.

This week we discuss Duke's purchase of a PS3, Halo ODST, Left4Dead 2, and find out how much of a geek The Duke really is.

Quanrian is also back with another indie pick.


The o35’s Episode 64 - The Duke Is Positive About Games…..Really!

Well we're back for another week and this week we discuss, Batman Arkham Asylum, Halo 3-ODST, and a listener who shall not be named sent us a whole list of gaming goodness.

Quanrians back with another review, and The Duke exposes yet another idiot who works in a Video Game shop.

Hope you enjoy it.

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