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The o35’s Episode 72 - Borderlands, Not Bad At All…..

Welcome to show 72.

This week we talk about Uncharted 2...again as Chinny has finally removed the wrapper, we also discuss Borderlands, and chat about the scariest games to play on Halloween.

Quanrian gives us another indie game to play, and the quiz is back with angry host Duke (oh and The Daddy throws his teddy).

Anyway all of the above and more.


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The o35’s Episode 71 - Chinny Is The Quizmaster……

Well we've reached 71 and to celebrate reaching this milestone of maturity, we discuss Uncharted 2, is there any other games out at the moment?

The Duke has actually finished not only one but two games this week, and Chinny has just been staring at the wrapper on Uncharted 2, no idea why.

Quanrian gives us another indie pick which Chinny doesn't like and the quiz is back for another week, The Duke Vs The Daddy.

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The o35’s Episode 70 - Thank God For Chinny……

Welcome to show 70, first of all apologies for the robot voice, but The Daddy had some internet issues.

Anyway, this week we talked about Operation Flashpoint, Halo 3 ODST, and Scribblenauts. Quanrian reviews Miner Dig Deep in the indie picks and we finish with our new feature the Gamerators.

Oh and Chinny stitched The Daddy up like a kipper.


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The o35’s Episode 69 - Show 69 Fnah Fnah…….

Welcome to show 69, this week we discuss Mass Effect 2, Charlie Brookers Game swipe, Quanrian gives us some music games to play and we have some more Modern Warfare 2 stuff.

The Duke has a challenge, and we finish off with some games with a real world message(apparently).

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The o35’s Episode 68 - TGS…..Was There Anything There?

Welcome to show 68, this week the team discuss, all the demos that hit Xbox live, Dead Space Extraction on the Wii, Demon's Souls and all the stuff from TGS.

Quanrian goes fishing and Chinny gets a surprise.

Tune in for the above and all the usual banter.

Enjoy :-)

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