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524 - Swinging fires

We talk about stuff and games. Stu is bad at Star Wars, Chinny is playing crappy Snooker 19 again and Duke... I don't even remember what he played, oh yeah some free game where you can fly... weird.




523 - Mildly Interesting

This episode we run through some of the games that we are looking forward to in 2020.

Link to Chinny new Youtube channel

Here are the games we've been playing.




522 - Game of the Year (and decade)

I know I know, everyone is doing it but it's fun. 

First, we go through our personal top 5 of 2019

Then we talk about our most disappointing game of the decade, then we get into the big one. The top 10 of the decade.

We also have had some great email this week and people have been writing in telling us their favourite games.


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