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574 - Top 5 Games of 2021 (and Red Dead 2)

This week we talk (a lot about Red Dead 2) about our Top 5 games of 2020. We also talk about our turds of the year.


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573 - Should of known that

There is no structure to tonights show. It's just random. Enjoy


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

568 - Not the EGX Show

Tonight's episode is a little different from anything we've done before. Usually, we would have been and gone to EGX by now and every year we do a yearly get together with other podcasts that we know and love.

So we've decided to have a random show where we shoot the poo and have a chat.


566 - Ghibli Ghibli

Just to give you an insight into how I'm feeling right now. I'm currently typing with a tissue stuck up my nose. I don't know why bt sometimes my hayfever just goes mental. Today it started while I was on a video call with a customer. WTF is that about? anyway here are the show notes.

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