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The Veteran Gamers Episode 111 - Duke Has An Opinion On Everything!

February 23, 2012

Welcome to show 111.

This week Duke is a bit more talkative, and tells us all about Kingdoms of Amalur, Warp and is really getting into his iPod Touch games, Chinny finally plays a full game which was Uncharted 3, but did he like it? and as for The Daddy he also played Warp, Ghost Trick Phantom Detective and Professor Leyton London Life.

VlaDOS checks out A Voxel Action, we cover off Farcry 3 news, Activision throwing around their weight like a school yard bully and Gabe Newell explaining why Half Life 3 has to be baked!

Surface Lizard joins us with his unique take on Dark Souls which involves a Courgette combined with razor blades (did Frank West make that?) and we round out the show with emails, tweets and iTune reviews.


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