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The Veteran Gamers Episode 138 - Sponsored by the Snot Burglar

August 30, 2012

Welcome to show 138.

This week Duke is still playing Counter Strike on the PC and tell us how much he is owning the Xbox n00bs. He has also been playing some Rage and how much he likes zip lines. The Daddy for some reason is playing that indie avatar game. However when he is not playing indie games he is playing games with sparkle power and pom poms, no we're not joking, he has been playing Lollipop chainsaw. Chinny has been playing some cheap sniper game that he thinks is good. Answer me this Chinny if its so good why are you the only one playing it. He has also finished Halo Anniversary, that's right a ten year old game, wow well done for staying up to date. PLAY SOMETHING NEW!

VlaDOS gives us Cursed Loot to play which turns out to be good for a change. We also talk about Happy Wars, State of Decay. Stu has saw more of the cube game Curiosity and he is getting so excited about it and Duke and Chinny won't let him forget how stupid the game is.

We round out the show with emails, Twidders and Facebook feedback.


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