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The Veteran Gamers Episode 163 - Where The Hell Are The Soundbytes?

February 28, 2013

Welcome to show 163.

This week Duke was MIA due to American stuff he had to do, but fear not as we did arrange a cool stand in in the shape of Amar, all the way from sunny Scotland, and he did a great job, he also played some stuff which was, Far Cry 3, Pilotwings Resort 3DS and the classic that is Crackdown, Chinny played more Sleeping Dogs, finished the Far Cry 3 co op missions and of course Halo Wars and The Daddy got to grips with 999, Vanquish and Year Walk on the iOS.

Duke may not have been there, but VlaDOS was and she gave us Bleed to play from the indie games and of course Chinny brought us the news which was mainly of a PS4 variety.

We finished off with Facebook, Twitter and Emails as always!


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