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The Veteran Gamers Episode 236 - Duke Is On The Super Highway!

July 25, 2014

Duke complains about not having a fast internet but because he’s loaded he just upgraded that shiz yo.

Stu then begs for a Destiny BETA code. God he all take take take but not give. Anyway I think he enjoyed it anyway I don’t know I wasn’t listening. ONLY JOKING he loved it. Listen in to hear why he loved it soooo much. Slick are the words he used. SLICK!

Duke plays some windborne for some reason I don’t know why he just seemed to complain about it most of the time. The big thing in Dukes life this week is that he has watched more Dota 2 than played. He’s changed.

Chinny has also changed because he has bought a game on Steam. So what did he think of the new Defense grid 2 beta. Nothing because he never played it. But he has been playing experiencing some cool story telling in Beyond: Two Souls….. PAHAHAHAHAHAHA only joking it’s awful, listen in to how bad he thinks it is.

We then read out the facebook and twitter. Then finish of with emails and shoutouts.

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