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The Veteran Gamers Episode 37 - Th-Th-That’s All Folks…

September 24, 2010

Welcome to show 37.

This week we have a very special guest on the show, and no it isn't Peter Molyneux, to tell us about Playstation Move. We have also been playing more Mafia 2, MUD's(whatever they are) well Duke has anyway and we also played Demon's Souls and the Enslaved Demo.

In the middle of the show Quanrian gives us Apple Jack and Snailien Invasion to play and we discuss how developers teach us to play games on a subconscious level.

We finish off the show with a bit of news and some emails.


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Chinny – 360 ChinChinny, PS3 Chinny1985,

The Daddy – 360 Big Daddy Blast, PS3 xXBig-DaddyXx

Duke – 360 Dukeskath, PS3 Dukeskath