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The Veteran Gamers Episode 38 - Urrrrhhhhhhhh…

October 1, 2010

Welcome to show 38.

This week The Daddy is ill, so you will have to excuse the croaky voice and the phlegm balls, but apart from that it is business as usual.

So to games. Duke plays Dead To Rights Retribution, Chinny finishes Mafia 2 and play's a bit more Halo Reach and The Daddy gets into dismembering Zombies in Dead Rising 2 and dismembering people in No More Heroes 2.

In the middle of the show Quanrian brings us Abaddon Retribution and Techno Kitten Adventure, Duke loved one of them, can you guess which it is?

We also cover off the extended Bioshock Infinite Trailer, Little Big Planet 2 and how many Kinects will sell.

Finally we finish off the show with, why it is hard to be a female gamer.


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