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The Veteran Gamers Episode 443 - The Real Chinny

July 6, 2018

Yeah yeah yeah it's late. It's late because Stu didn't tell me I had to upload it this week. I didn't know how long he was going away for. Anyway, Stu is off and I (Chinny) had to go to A&E but it wasn't anything serious it just meant I had to miss the show. Never mind though because we found the real Chinny, the true Chinny, the OG Chinn.

Antonio also joins us as well to make the podcast a trio. Enjoy, or not who cares, no one reads these things anyway. And if you are reading this then why? Why are you reading this? You need to make some life choices. I would start by doing something nice for someone. Yeah, if you're still reading this, make sure you do something nice for someone you know. Even if it's a phone call or a nice comment. Anything.