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The o35’s episode 10 - Thou shall unlocketh achievements.

August 16, 2008

Strap in for another roller coaster ride podcast from the o35's, and what a show this week!

After battling with the elements we managed to get started in the end, oh why does it always rain come podcast day?

This week we have a mini-bus full of old farts all giving their own unique views on the world of xbox 360 gaming.

This weeks tightly packed in hosts are:

DavidTheAlien, Mark, The Daddy, Chinny, GibGezr and Diablo.

Join this group of gaming gurus as they discuss some of the latest xbox 360 news.

All of this and much more, er... except for Raws Reviews, he couldn't make it this week as his underpants were full of marmalade.

Download the show and join us on the forums at

Also don't forget to check out our new midweek podcast - The o35's Pubcast. A short xbox 360 cast from a pub somewhere.

Grab it at iTunes or from the site.

Enjoy :)